Hi everyone,

So as you probably already know, the last Word Gobble update caused some crashing for the majority if our users.

We realize this is unacceptable, and attempted to fix it by reverting to the previous good version of Word Gobble code.

Unfortunately, this did not work.

We've been trying to problem solve this for the past few days and we are at our wit's end. The only fix right now is to delete and re-install Word Gobble, and we do not think any update we submit will fix the problem. So deleting and re-installing is the only way to fix the crashing problem.

We do not blame you if you choose to play another game. If you do continue to play Word Gobble, we thank you for supporting us.

We're only 2 guys running MochiBits and supporting all our games, and sometimes we make mistakes.

We are very sorry, but you will lose all your progress.

To make up for our blunders, we want to offer you 75,000 coins if you choose to re-install the game.

Click this link or cut/paste into Safari on your device to get the coins:

If you have more questions or would like to let us know how badly we messed up,

please email info(at)mochibits.com

or visit http://mochibits.tenderapp.com/home/?force_mobile=1.

Thank you for your patience and understanding, and thank you for playing. Our other games are fine and do not have this problem.


-Howard and Kyle